Fire Rated Ductwork

Quality Fire Rated Ductwork Services

Firemac was established in 1989 and has grown to become a major provider of passive fire protection products, both in the UK and internationally. Firemac’s market-leading product range for ductwork, Firemac FM Fire Duct systems, has a proven track record in major builds in the UK, the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia.

Firemac FM Fabric PSA is a specialist fire protection glass fibre fabric that is bonded and mechanically fixed to the outer face of galvanised or stainless steel ductwork. Typical applications include; Ventilation, Smoke Extract, Pressurisation and Kitchen Extract Ductwork.

Firemac FM Fire Duct systems have been tested and assessed to BS476: Part 24: 1987 and EN 1366 Part 1&8 and demonstrated fire resistance of up to four hours for both Duct Types A and B.

In 2018 Firemac’s FM Fabric PSA was awarded the Queen's Award for Innovation, and award widely regarded as the most prestigious business award in the country.

S E W S Ductwork can manufacture, deliver to the site and install all fire-rated ducts to your specifications 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 240 minutes.