At S.E.W.S we can manufacture all your specific requirements i.e. single items like that missing square to round you may need or full construction issued drawings.

We make all types of items from rectangular ducts, square to rounds, tapering sets, square back bends with turning veins or radius back bends and all other components to the ventilation and ductwork industry all to DW144 specification.

S.E.W.S Ductwork Services Ltd specialise in producing bespoke items, built to your exact specifications.
We can manufacture almost any item and have done for many of our customers. We have a long history of providing bespoke galvanised internally lined ventilation parts ( i.e, air conditioning plenum boxes supply and return, and if need be filter section) to suit all sizes of fan coil or air conditioning systems.

We manufacture all types of grille boxes to order, to your exact specifications.

Whether you need a standard or internally lined grille box, or even a grille box that requires 6mm hank bush support bars, we can cater to you needs. We also supply internally lined front and rear filter boxes, to suit all kinds of fan coil units regardless of spigot size, designed and manufactured to meet the needs of your drawing. We will also assist in the design if required.

If you require supply and install or supply only please consider us
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